We have offering free consultation for you, text  message or sending questions or coming here and fill out all health and medical background to make sure you are the right candidates for selected treatments .Understanding your beauty goal and expectations ,help us to choose the right treatment and services.For your convenience and save your valuable time,we provide a virtual consultation plat form which you can submit or tick the items and let us know which you are good candidates for treatment or not.

Please let us know :

  • Sunlover or enjoy tanning/sun bathing
  • I follow special skin care routine
  • I was on blood teener treatment in the past 12 months
  • I have botox /filler done in the past 8 weeks
  • I am pregnant
  • I am hormones therapy treatment
  • I feel nervous tension
  • I am on Aspirin/Warfarin/etc
  • I have high blood pressure
  • I am diabetic
  • I have skin problem or psoriasis or eczema
  • I have hyper scar or keloid
  • I have food color allergic
  • I have done tattoo or micro blading before
  • I take special medicine now